My name is Daniel Malloy. I was born and bred in Boston, Massachusetts. After my 18th birthday I traveled the states and eventually settled back in Boston, had a child (David born 1985) worked and paid bills. I became a Christian when I was around 18 and in my travels attended many churches and listened to many preachers. In retrospect very few impressed me or seemed to have a genuine anointing of preaching with power and authority. Many seem to have practical application, which is valuable, however none really seem to have the genuine Holy Spirit, Resurrection power so often spoke of in Scripture.

The Kingdom of God is not in word, but in power.  1 Corinthians 4:20

I recently spent the last four years ministering in Mexico and traveling the whole country helping and preaching where I could. I had many interesting experiences some good, some bad, however the Lord has led me and blessed me the whole way. One thing I have found is the poor are as hardhearted to the Gospel as the rich. Because Jesus said preach the Good News to the poor I really thought it would be like fishing in a barrel, but it turns out the sin and rebellion of mankind transcends races, classes and borders to encompass all of fallen humanity.


In this blog I will document and comment on my journey of memorizing the New Testament. If I memorize 2 verse per day I should be done in about 10 years, give or take a year.  Verse upon verse, line upon line. every jot and tittle. You get the picture. I plan on commenting on the verses I think need commenting. You could call this a commentary of the New Testament (non technical), however I am endeavoring to memorize the text as well. I am using a parallel Bible from the internet and will settle on coming up with my own translation depending on what I think the Holy Spirit says. I dont know Greek or Hebrew, but I do know Jesus, and He knows me, actually He knew me first, and I trust the Lord to light my path.


Please feel free to comment, correct, and confirm anything in this blog. I understand much of Scripture is interpreted different ways by different people (How many denominations are there?) So lets show patience and kindness when commenting and corresponding, with God all things are possible. Thank you for reading and Thank You Jesus for spell check.


Daniel Malloy

November 27, 2014

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