Mark 1:12

” 12Immediately, the Spirit impelled Him to go out into the wilderness.

Two words that are significant in this verse, immediately, and impelled, the first word “immediately” is used over 40 times in the Gospel of Mark, many commentaries call Mark, “the action” gospel where Jesus “immediately” does the work of the Father. Jesus gets things done, now, presently… immediately.

The word “impelled” in v12 the literal definition means driven,  “drive out with force” and is the same Greek word used when indicating the exorcism of an evil spirit. The word indicated the Holy Spirit “drove with force” Jesus to go into the wilderness, not guided, not led, BUT forced, drove, impelled Jesus into the wilderness.

Are we “impelled” by Gods Holy Spirit to “immediately” do Gods will or are we waiting to be “led” by the Lord and guided by “God”? Do we want to be “drove with force” by God to “immediately” do good works for the Kingdom? Let us seek to be driven by God into the wilderness of this world, and immediately do Gods work in the name of Jesus.


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